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Navitaire puts you back in control of your operation. That's the bottom line.

Today, more than ever, airlines are searching for ways to improve profitability.

Navitaire specializes in solving high impact problems that are extremely complex, and require the simultaneous consideration of multiple objectives, thousands of constraints, and millions of variables.

Our patented and award-winning application of sophisticated mathematic algorithms and cutting edge information technology work in real time with existing airline systems. Navitaire continues to solidify its position as the leading provider of next generation decision support-based solutions for the $300 billion global airline industry.

Navitaire products help airlines increase profits:

Recover disrupted aircraft, route, and crew schedules while minimizing the ripple effect on passenger and maintenance schedules.

Explore the opportunity and value that comes with technology that can reschedule 1,600 crew pairings in minutes during irregular operations.

Discover the next generation in Pairings optimization! Navitaire's software creates solutions in a fraction of the time of other solutions, runs on a laptop, and is expected to save one major airline $10 million annually over existing solutions.

Optimize the hiring, promotion, training, and deployment of pilots and flight attendants to best fulfill your airline’s operational needs.

”As CIO, I can tell you that no other single application in my six-year tenure at Continental has saved the company more money than CrewSolver.” -Janet Wejman, CIO, Continental Airlines
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